Process & Equipments


Wide range of Distillation is the art of Sun Industries. Close boiling point separation by continuous separation & batch process facilities are available with us.

We have a state of art facilities for distillation of solid products having a high melting point, which becomes a back bone of Sun Industries.

The efficient & committed developments and versatile range of multipurpose equipment give us the capability for the development and execution of various processes.

  • High Pressure Oxidation
  • Nitration
  • Hydrogenation


Reactors High Pressure S.S.Autoclave 8 KL
High Pressure S.S Hydrogenator 5 KL
Stainless Steel Reactors 1 Kl to 6 Kl
Glass lined Reactors - 3 KL and 10 KL
Pilot Plant units - 0.5 kg to 100 kg
Collectors Stainless Steel, Fibre Reinforced & HDPE up to 10 KL
Filtration & Separation Centrifuges S.S., FRP & MSRL
Neutch Filters S.S., MS, MS FRP & MSRL
Filter Press - PP
Sparklers S.S.
Dryers Fluid Bed Dryers
Pulverisers Blender S.S. 1 KL
Utilities Steam Boilers, Oil Heating unit, Water Softener Plant Cooling Towers, Chilling plant (upto -15 C), Power Generator, Air Compressors